A California native, Ashlan Christoph started her own kids clothing line at age 20. After working in this arena for over 10 years, she realized her destiny was meant for something bigger. In 2012, she took over the reigns of a small gift shop called Trinkets and Treasures and decided to build on its 17 year history with a unique flavor of her own. After taking over the shop, Christoph began to create her own vision for what the store could be… and carefully acquired lines she loved.

Thus began a curated space that would be the go-to gift shop for all ages. The current product line includes beautiful stationery, to table-top finds and lush home and bath products and a beautifully curated selection of books.

“My desire was to create a space that not only could you find that perfect gift in, but a space that felt good to BE in.”

Today, she proudly remains the owner of one of the most popular gift stores in the area. The Treehouse – a kids haven – is nestled in the back of the store and is favorite among all those who come to visit! In 2016 Ashlan underwent another transformation, and officially changed the shop name to Serendipity Gift Shop.